Daily Receipts

What is Daily Receipts?
Daily Receipts is a report that the practice can run in order to balance to one of the following items:

Why should I run the Daily Receipts report?
The daily receipts report should be run on a daily basis so that the front office can balance their cash drawer against the amount of money that is listed on the report for that date. This will allow for discrepancies to be found quickly and resolved before the practice is closed for the day.

From the Quick Launch Menu:

The search fields that are applicable to the Daily Receipts report will be made available. Fields with a light blue background or fields that are faded a light gray color are not available on this report.




- Select this button to launch the Daily Receipts report.

- Select this button to go to the Query Manager. For information on using the Query Manager, go to Query Manager.

Once the Daily Receipts report is launched using the Launch Report button, the Active Report Viewer window will be displayed with the report.

There are three sections on the report.

For instructions on how to use the Active Report Viewer to print or save the report, go to Active Report Viewer.

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