What is a Superbill?
A SuperBill is the charge sheet used by the provider to select the procedures and diagnosis codes that apply to the patient's appointment. A sample SuperBill is shown below.

From the Office or EMR product tab:

The Superbills that have been setup already will be listed.

Once the New button is selected, the SuperBill setup screen will be displayed:


Active Section - When creating a new SuperBill, you must click on the Add button first in order to open up the Active Section. Each active section that is added will create a new 'block' on the SuperBill. In the sample below, there are several blocks. Each section that is added is configurable by the practice. There can be as few or as many sections as desired by the practice.


(Width = 1)

(Width = 2)

(Width = 3)

Active Section Items


 In the sample section below, the sub-heading is the word other.

For # of Items that was selected for this section, a line will be displayed. In the example below, the section and 5 for the # of Items, so 5 lines are displayed.

For each section this is added to the superbill, holding the mouse over the section will display a tool tip with the name of the section.

Sections on the right can be moved to a different position by left clicking (and hold) and move the section to the desired location.

NOTE - Sections cannot overlap.

Once the superbill has been created, to make modifications to a section:


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